Part 2: Your Most Common Marathon Training Questions

POV: You're training for a marathon.

There are NO shortage of aches, new sore spots,….or the post run munchies.

The long runs keep getting longer.

And so do the mid-day naps.

Because you can only train as hard as you recover, right?

Then a new thought-train rolls into town:

Am I recovering right? Am I doing enough?

What does this twinge mean or that soreness?

Should I get one of those a fancy massage guns?

Did I ice enough?

Did I do the right stretches?

Why isn't my ITB feeling better after foam rolling for the 7th time?

Hoooold up there, runner.

You're getting in your own head!

While pain and intense symptoms are NEVER a good thing and you should get those checked out by a health care professional, there is a certain amount of "discomfort" that comes with training, especially the kind you're doing.

A lot of times, that "discomfort" is just one part your body's language.

Yup, it talks back.

Quite a lot, as you've started to noticed.

And other runners have noticed this too.

Hence why we're going for Round 2 of your most commonly asked half and FM training questions.

This time, we're covering:

  • Why you need upper body strength work during half or FM training and WHEN to add to it

  • Why you DON'T want to use ONLY light weights

  • Does overpronation mean your WEAK and something's wrong with you?

  • Do you have to STOP running if you feel an overuse injury starting?

Because not everything will go as planned during your training cycle.

But that doesn't mean you can't adapt, pivot, tweak a couple things here, add a couple exercises there, and keep going!

Because frankly, sometimes you can. ;)

Let's give you the knowledge and power to do just that!

Let's dive in!

Do Runners Need Upper Body Strength?

Is it appropriate to add upper body strength days into our [half or FM] training program? I've been adding them to my core days.

By now, you all probably know I love this question. ;)


(We're going to be referencing the same research article we used last week.)

For context: last week discussed WHEN it's best to strength train and run and in what order.

Spoiler: Run first.

Wait 4-6 hours (they were heavy on the 6 hour marker).