How Do I Get Rid of My Shin Splints Fast?

Updated: Jun 1

Does this sound familiar?

You've got your training plan ready to go.
Your favorite pair of running shoes.
Your GPS watch is actually charged (and synced on the first try!)
And you have an AMAZING speed workout!
But the next morning you wake up, ready to go again, and something doesn’t feel right.
You ignore it, push through it, maybe for weeks, but this lingering ache around your shins, maybe on the inside of your calf, then almost up to your knee keeps moving around…

Until it's speed work day again, and …HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL….YOUCH!

As you come to max speed and start to decelerate, that aching pain in your shins is no longer vague. It is full blown searing, stabbing, and at the same time, deep-dull-achey-painful.

The next day, it hurts to walk and you press on your shins…and they are T E N D E R.

Those are shin splints, running fit fam.

And they're not always that dramatic, but if you've had the unfortunate experience of having them, you want them gone. NOW.

But did you notice something about our story-scenario? How those lingering symptoms of shin splints were actually present for WEEKS until they really came to a head?

So as much as I wish I could give you 3 exercises and tell you "your shin splints will be gone in the morning"…that's unfortunately NOT the case.

See…technically, WEEKS of inflammation and irritation have been building in the periosteum of your tibia bone (confused? Check out last week's blog HERE). </