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"I first found Dr. Marie Whitt // on The Running Explained podcast and I started following her on Instagram.


She's have been helping me ever since. 


I've had a string of left foot injuries including a plantar fascia tear, Achilles tendinitis, then metatarsal bone edema after trying to change my footstrike.

I was feeling really disappointed and I was struggling with the fear of another injury every time I laced up to run.


I knew I needed to sign up for the Blueprint for Runners to Stronger Feet workshop after talking with Dr. Whitt and reading her free running guide and many of her blog posts.


Before taking Stronger Feet workshop, I thought foot strengthening was doing a ton of isolated foot exercises. Honestly, I´d been doing them for a long time and my feet were still weak.


The exercises in the workshop were definitely challenging and different from isolated toe exercises! They look like you're actually running!


I found out balancing is so difficult on my left side compared to my right.

This was bigger than any strength difference!

The best part was immediately after the live workshop, the tests we reviewed at the beginning were easier after performing the exercises only for a very short time. 


It was so encouraging!


After taking the workshop, I can see now that integrated, running-specific exercises is the way to go. I definitely have a long way to go and I'm far from being able to execute the most challenging exercises from the workshop "well enough". But I'm excited and open to learning and preventing future running injuries.


Stronger Feet Workshop has given me hope. 


I was losing hope on my running before I met Dr. Marie Whitt, but not now with so many things to improve. I'm feeling hopeful and excited again that one day I can get rid of my foot injuries!


I would say to anyone on the fence about working with Dr. Marie Whitt to go ahead and try!

After you see how Marie works you won't have any doubt!


I'm always following and learning from her posts because I've found a guide I can trust. I really admire her work and trust what she says.


I'm so thankful for her support.

Leticia W; Brazil

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