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Let's start off on the right foot...

I'm Dr. Marie Whitt and I'm your friendly neighborhood runner and physical therapist. 

And I used to hate running. 


Couldn't stand it growing up. 

Then something happened in high school.

A friend invited me to join her on a chilly, winter training run in snowy, arctic Michigan. Then it was to try out for track.

Then it was cross country...

And the rest was history. 

Running seeped into my bones and my DNA. I acquired my share of running injuries which introduced me to physical therapy...and well. 


You get it. Here we are! 

Now, as both a runner and physical therapist, I get the best of both worlds.

I have the knowledge of a PT, the perseverance of a life-long runner, and now the opportunity to share both my passion for running and healing movement with runners like you.

Because for us, running is more than about staying fit.

It's a lifestyle and a gift.

A gift that ultimately gives all of us healing, in one way, shape, or form. 

Healing from our crazy, overscheduled lives.

Healing when life hands us too many lemons (and not enough vodka). 

And that preventative healing that allows us to show up as the best versions of ourselves for our friends, family, and the world. 


s2/e16 Shin Splints with Dr. Marie Whitt, DPT (

Got shin splints?


What causes shin splints and what can you do about them? 


Sports Physical Therapist Dr. Marie Whitt rejoins the show to discuss all things shin splints, including...⁠⁠

  • Symptoms of shin splints (what do they usually feel like?)⁠

  • What ARE shin splints?⁠

  • What (do we think) is the cause of shin splints?⁠

  • How should you treat shin splints if they pop up?⁠

  • Specific prehab & rehab exercises for shin splints⁠

  • Reprogramming neuromotor control to treat shin splints ⁠

  • Dealing with chronic shin splints ⁠

  • ...and more!⁠

Dr. Whitt's Resources:

A to Z Running Podcast

A to Z running with

On the A to Z Running Podcast, Dr. Marie Whitt discusses shin splints and foot pain solutions for runners.

Tune in for your running education!

Stick around after that for the latest from the world of running, including the 25k championships in Grand Rapids, a high school only record, and Doha Diamond League.  

  • How do shin splints happen?

  • What do they feel like?

  • What can you do NOW to prevent them from ever happening?

  • Specific prehab & rehab exercises for shin splints⁠

Dr. Whitt's Resources:


23: All About Cross-Training with Dr. Marie Whitt, DPT

In this episode, Dr. Marie Whitt ( and I talk all about CROSS-TRAINING as it relates to running! 

What *is* cross-training?

Why and when would you include cross-training when you're training for a running-specific race? Do you NEED to include cross-training in your overall training?⁠ ...IT DEPENDS!⁠

⁠The big takeaway? Cross-training can be very beneficial but does NOT replace the sport-specific (or race-specific) training you need for your primary sport & goals!⁠

⁠*PLUS* we go over some common cross-training questions that I receive in the weekly question box including...⁠

  • ⁠Can I cross-train instead of run for my Zone 2/easy aerobic development runs?⁠

  • ⁠Can I cross-train in Zone 2 instead of doing run-walk intervals, because I don't like that I have to walk for parts of my easy runs⁠

  • ⁠What is the recommended cross-training when you're training for a marathon?⁠

  • ⁠Can I do my speedwork on a bike instead?⁠

  • ⁠Can cross-training help strengthen or correct muscle imbalances or mobility issues in your hips?

Dr. Whitt's Resources:

  • Grab your FREE Running and Cross Training Guide HERE!


33: Pronation, Feet & Shoes with Dr. Marie Whitt, PT, DPT

Dr. Marie Whitt, DPT, ( is back on the podcast for this episode on pronation, foot motion, shoes, and more!


What actually happens in your foot when you run? How does this influence the shoes you buy (and vice versa?) What can you do to make your feet strong?


  • Pronation: what are pronation and supination

  • Correcting overpronation (& overcorrection)

  • Heel whip and "egg beater" running gaits

  • Stability vs. neutral shoes

  • Footstrike! Heel, midfoot, toe - which and when?

  • Carbon plate shoes

  • At-home exercises for your feet!

Dr. Whitt's Resources:

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