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16 week Strength Training Coaching for Runners

Solid. Effective. Fast.

Holistic. Running specific-strength plan

created by a physical therapist and runner.

Designed to help YOU run better, race, and finish stronger without the anxiety of lingering or potential new injuries during a training cycle.


Imagine a Triumphant Race Day

If you've ever had a bad race, you remember the feeling of defeat, confusion, and "what else could I have done?"

Getting from there to here...

Imagine your next race day: beaming, exhausted, crying for joy, and proud of your months of grueling, hard work. 

The secret to your strongest race and happiest finish line yet: consistent strength training designed specifically for YOU.

Enjoyable Strength Workouts

What if you LOVED your running strength program? 

Even enjoyed doing it? 

Runners in RACE READY have been amazed at their progress in just 1 month. They feel stronger on their long runs, are proud of their consistency, and stay motivated with weekly accountability check-ins 

Feeling and seeing your progress FAST makes motivation easy!

Feeling Strong & Unstoppable

Yep, it's possible. 

It first starts with small changes; noticeably, consistently feeling stronger on your runs. 

And quickly becomes feeling unstoppable on long runs with less tired and fatigued legs afterwards.  

Then comes race day.

And you soar.

Eliminate Injury Anxiety

Injuries suck. 

But what's worse, is the lingering one you *know* will pop up during a specific point in your training. 

What if that didn't happen this time? 

RACE READY has already helped runners like YOU run stronger races while kicking old injuries to the curb (even during the Dopey Challenge ;)

Want to get RACE READY?

Drop your email below to get on the waitlist!


"I first found Marie through The Running Explained podcast, season 2 episode 16.

I was desperate for something to help after weeks of being in pain from shin splints so I searched podcasts to see if there was something better than the RICE that Dr. Google was offering.


The physical pain was discouraging and exhausting.

I had never dealt with an injury that lasted that long.

Sometimes I felt like I was never going to run again.

It was scary.


Running was a big part of my identity pre-pandemic.

I lost that identity in 2020 but I desperately wanted it back. 

I was desperate for a solution.

It was clear between her podcast, blog, and website that Marie knew what she was talking about. She sounded confident in her ability to solve my problem.

Since that is the only unique offering she has on her website, I knew it was a specialty.


At first I was scared about wasting my money, being given the same list of things that haven't worked in the past, meeting with someone online rather than in person, being given a list of exercises and then being thrown to the wolves to figure it out myself.

Knowing that she's a runner gave me confidence that she would have a better understanding of what I was going through. I've had PTs in the past who have been kind and knowledgeable, but they weren't runners.

There was always a disconnect there. 


There is a mindset that can't be fully appreciated by non-runners, no matter how good they are. Marie understood how emotional it was for me not to be able to run.


She respected that.

Having her develop an individualized plan for me was invaluable.

I needed a blueprint, which she made sure I had.

I knew exactly what exercises to do, how many sets, and how often. 


She was willing to take as much time as I needed.

She never made me feel rushed to finish a session. She wanted to make sure that she thoroughly understood everything going on and that I felt confident moving forward with the exercises she gave me. 


Another thing that sets Marie apart from other PTs is she took a holistic view.

She wanted to hear about my injury and healing process, but also about how I was doing mentally.


She asked me what I had going on in my life that was causing me stress and what was bringing me joy while I wasn't able to run.

She responded to all of my incredibly long emails promptly and with thorough replies. 


I am deeply grateful that I found Marie.

She is clearly passionate about what she does, both as a runner and as a PT.

She made me feel supported and gave me the tools I needed to get back to running." 

Hope, happy avid runner

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