Your Most Common Marathon Training Questions

I want to let you in on a little secret…

One of our favorite running coaches, Elisabeth from @runningexplained, and I have been working hard together serving runners just like you in her coaching programs.

The zoom calls have been a par-tay!

(if you've been a part of them, then you know ;) )

And there have been no shortage of amazing, insightful, very real and authentic questions.

And that's where this week's blog post has come from.

I've hand-selected some of those most common half and full marathon training questions (and obviously provided answers,...duh).

I wanted to share these because I want you to know something.

  • You're not alone

  • And you're not stupid for wondering these same questions or asking these.

  • You're not expected to know everything.

  • And you're not crazy for being confused.

You're a runner.

And because you're here, you're *actually* ahead of the game.

Because you Dare to Train Differently.

Let's dive into these questions, running fit fam.

Old Injury Creeping Up?

"I was wondering what to do when an old injury starts to talk to you again... I've had achilles tendonitis before and recently my achilles has started to feel a little bit aggravated after running. Not really painful, just a little twinge of something, but I'm worried it'll get worse and interrupt my running. But also I know aches and pains during marathon training are very normal. Any general advice for what to do at this early phase of a potential injury?"

I know, you're tempted to skim past this one because you DON'T have any achilles issues.
Well, hold on a hot second…

Because this checklist I'm giving you applies to ANY nagging ache or pain that pops up during any training cycle.

Who doesn't want a firm action plan in place, just in case?

THE CHECKLIST: What to do When Old Injuries Begin to Pop Up

  • PART 1: Ask Yourself QUESTIONS

  • WHEN

  • Write in your training log the date when these symptoms start to happen

  • Note EVERY DAY/DATE when you feel those same symptoms again


  • Write down in your own words what these symptoms feel like.

  • Hint: there is no wrong way to describe them!

  • (ok, I lied. There is one. Only writing "my knee hurts" is not descriptive enough. Think: achy, deep, dull, stinging, shooting, stabbing, sore, lingering, or gone quickly.)


  • note if symptoms only occur after certain workouts, or a day or 2 after a workout, etc.

  • Ask yourself: has changed recently? New shoes? New terrain you're running on? Enough recovery time? What happens if you run on a different surface? Does that help?


  • Write down all your observations in your training log from the questions/scenarios above, including if NOTHING changes. Yup, because those clues too. (we don't want any 'ruh roh raggy' moments…that was poor scooby-doo impersonation in case you were wondering)



  • Have you gone to PT before for this same issue? Have you found exercises in the past that helped before?

  • Make those exercises a part of your daily routine for 1 week! (assuming they're not crazy intense, max lifting