New Research: NEW Strength Training to Reduce Running Injury

Updated: Apr 21

If you don't do "this", you are "2.42 times more likely to experience a running related injuring..."

If you're already thinking about strength training, you'd be on the right track.

But do you know what kind of strength training?

*immediate reaction: panic!*

Nope, don't panic; deep breaths!

But it can get overwhelming, can't it? Trying to figure out exactly what kind of strength training is the "right kind" for runners, especially when there's so many different programs out there.

Body weight.

Progressive Overload.

Single leg.

Double leg.

Hokey pokey leg… (ok maybe not that one..)

But let's make it easy; sound good to you?

This whole strength training for runners thing doesn't have to be hard, or complicated. (If you want my favorite full body strength training exercises click HERE!)

If we look at recent scientific studies, it's actually pretty simple.

Recent studies boils it down to this:

"A gradual increase in load tolerance through repeated training with properly dosed gain in running experience has been shown to reduce running related injuries risk."

All this means is, by lifting heavier and heavier stuff, you make your body stronger. And when you're stronger, you ca