How Do I Do This? The 3 Circuits to Fix Your Running Form

Do you ever run by a store window and wince a little?


"oooh! I'm looking a little slouchy today!"

"what's up with those shoulders? Bring those back!"

"I thought my stride was looking better…"

I know I've been surprised.

But you make the necessary corrections…and run on.

But that's not the end of the story. (duh).

Once you get home and start your post-run strength or mobility routine (right?) you ask yourself WHY.

WHY did my running form o look a little off today?

Am I tired?

Do I need a little extra recovery?

Is there something missing from my strength routine?

Do I need to foam roll more?

(just a hint. It's not that last one…)

Or at least I hope you reflect on your run and ask yourself WHY?

Because when you do, you come up with questions.

Note: I didn't say answers.

You come up with questions.

And you search for the answers…and that's why you're here. Because you're looking for a new way, a fresh and different way to improve your running form.

And you found it.

You're also smart enough to know, that truly correcting your running form is a process.

It's a process of remembering:

  • different cues

  • how a certain footstrike should feel

  • that sometimes the best and truest running form changes occur over time and with consistency.

And that's the category these 3 circuits fall into.

But I promise you, if you build these into your regular routine, you will see and feel a difference in your running form.

You will feel stronger.

Run taller.

Your hips won't feel as tight.

You will increase your power.

You will increase your speed.

But like all good things, especially true in running, it takes consistency, time, and hard work.

But you're a runner; so you got this!

So let&#