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Blueprint for Runners to Stronger Feet

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Do any of these make you say, "Oh, that's me!" You've had aching foot pain or repeated foot injuries You've gotten Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, posterior tibilias tendonitis and too many other -itises to count You’ve tried other foot strengthening exercises and you don’t feel or see a difference And rotating through shoe after shoe isn’t keeping the overuse injuries away Imagine a runner-approved plan in your hands and a physical therapist on speed dial to help guide you through the process of building stronger, healthier, long-run-ready feet. Allow me to introduce… The Blueprint for Runners to Stronger Feet Workshop. It leaves your feet strong, mobilized, and fatigue-resistant with fast, effective, running-specific exercises that activate and strengthen your feet and facilitate correct muscle use from the ground up, from feet to glutes. These exercises are tried-and-true in the physical therapy clinic. And now, you have access to them, too. This program is for you if: You love quick, challenging exercises that only take 5mins before every run You want to stomp out lingering aches and pains for good You're looking for injury prevention tools And you want to feel confident about building stronger feet Don’t sit on the side lines: Dare to Train Differently!

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Blueprint for Runners to Stronger Feet

Blueprint for Runners to Stronger Feet

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Get ready to Dare to Train Differently, leaving you a better, stronger, more confident, and empowered runner.

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