Why Runners need STRONG FEET and how to tell if you have them.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

When I say "fall is coming!" what do you immediately think of?



Crunchy leaves?

Boots and sweaters?

That's what most people think of.

But if you're a runner you're thinking of…

Fall races

New PRs

Cooler temps for better runs

Hill workouts

And maybe a couple more black toe nails.

Am I right or am I right?

With all this extra time on our feet spent fine tuning our running performance, fall is the time to stay tuned into our body. Because the last thing we want is injury creeping up and sidelining us before we even get to toe the line of our fall marathon.

Yes, continue to do your strength training. Your core work. Your easy run days.

But what about your feet?

Are your feet strong?

As runners, we take these amazing pieces of engineering for granted. They're marvelously complicated-both flexible and solid at the same time. And frankly, without feet…running just isn't happening.

I'm stating the obvious, I know, I know.

But have you actually ever thought about it? Do you have STRONG FEET?