How Do I Fix My Tight Hip Flexors and Sore, Aching Hips? STRENGTH

Strength and Stability to fix my nagging, tight hip flexors?

It can feel a little counter-intuitive, I know.

If something feels tight, we instinctively move it.

Loosen up.


And you're not wrong!

But what happens afterwards?

Does that tightness come back in 15mins? 1 hour? 2 days?

Sure, you can keep stretching, and stretching…and stretching…and…

You get it.

You've taken the first correct step, but you're not at the finish line yet.

What am I talking about and how the heck does this fix your hip flexors? Stick with me and keep going…

Rule #1 in Physical Therapy: mobility BEFORE stability.

See? You've already done the first step.

You've worked hard to restore mobility. But you're potentially missing the second step: building strength, stability, on top of it.

Why do we even do this?

We start with mobility, restoring healthy range of motion to your hip joint first because you don't want to build a house on top of a wonky foundation (a joint that doesn't have good range).

You want optimal range of motion (mobility) available so when you build and create strength through weight work, you're building strength on top of the entirety of that range.

You want to be strong through the entire range, not just a small part of it.

When you attempt to build strength with poor mobility, you still complete the exercise! But you aren't setting yourself up for success.

There's actually a much higher risk of compensation in this scenario because your body will steal the mobility it needs from a different part of your body.

And a lot of times, it's also forcing other team members (muscles, joints, etc) to do jobs they weren't necessarily made for.

What are signs you might need to work on your hip strength and stability to fix your tight, angry hip flexors?

You'll recognize this list if you read last week's blog (read that HERE, all about that first step creating hip mobility)

Signs You Might Have Tight Hip Flexors and/or Not-Great Hip Strength or Stability

Do you check any of these boxes?

  • Sore, achey, tight hips (but it's vague and you can't tell wear it's actually tight)

  • Hip flexors are tight, for sure.

  • Achey and sore low back (typically more of an ache, dull soreness rather than sharp, shooting, burning, stinging etc. If you have any of those later ones, go get these checked