Why Does Good Mobility Keep Runners Injury-free?

Updated: Jun 1

Question of the year: Do you understand WHY mobility keeps you injury free?

You know you're supposed to do it, but do you understand the reason it works? Why mobility has such a huge impact on runners?

But more importantly…

How does good mobility keep me running injury free?

Are you ready for a deep dive?

Because in this blog post, I want to break down how your ability to perform this specific lunge directly correlates into your running performance.


Because this specific lunge (a movement pattern) requires mobility out of several joints, all of which need to be working at 100% for running to ever happen.

This lunge asks for full range of motion (full mobility) of your:




…with a special twist!

But before I get ahead of myself even more, imagine this scenario...

"You start to develop knee pain after your training run, and relate the pain to age, shoes, or mileage, not realizing flexibility and core strength have been on the decline.
You have been pressed for time, but not wanting to miss your running. You've been skipping your pre-run (dynamic mobility) and twice-weekly strength training.
You haven't done either activity for months and do not relate the current knee pain to the neglected aspects that once created a well-rounded fitness program.
Your life consists of sitting at a desk and forcing a few ill-prepared runs each week."