Are Tight Hips Are Making You Slow?

Updated: Apr 21

Why poor hip mobility makes you a slow runner and why passive stretching is NOT the answer.

Tight hips.

Weak hips.

Dead butt syndrome.

You name it.

Your hips and glutes are your powerhouse as a runner.

And as a runner, when a part of that powerhouse, your hip flexors, feel hella tight after a long run or yesterday's hill or speed workout, you have to do something about it.

But I don't want you to miss the bigger picture. If this is only happening occasionally, it's no big deal. It can be par for the course. But if you're experiencing tight, stiff hips day in and day out…something's going to give eventually. (solve that problem HERE!)

But until it does, and you keep grinding through the tightness speed workout after speed workout, you might find you're getting frustrated that you're either not meeting your pace goals or you're starting to feel your hips limiting how fast you can run.

And you'd be right.

So a quick google search leads you down a rabbit hole of theraguns, passive stretches, and a medieval hip hook device that you supposedly lie on top of and let it dig into your psoas/hip flexors…

Can anyone else smell the desperation? (no, not you; you don't stink. The companies grabbing your hard earned money do.)

Here's what you need to know:

Chronically tight hips are a signal from your body that something's missing. Most often than not, hip mobility is where you need to start. And overtime, if that mobility isn't restored, this might limit how fast you run.

The catch is: passive stretching WILL actually improve your hip mobility, but….it WON'T carry over to your running.

Who says so?