The scoop on stability shoes: Should you be wearing them or do you need corrective strength training

Who doesn't love NEW running shoes?

The colors

The new technology

The speedy looking swoopy designs

That new shoe smell of potential and new running adventures! (no, just me? Well, moving on then…)

But especially in the fall where mileage increases as temps decrease, buying new shoes is kind of a thing.

And it's all new and exciting until the overwhelm kicks in.

You know what I'm talking about if you've ever felt betrayed by a new model of running shoe. Especially of it was a shoe you repeat-purchased until the manufacturer changed the newest model ever so slightly.

Or if you’ve realized over your running journey that you might need a corrective shoe of some kind. And then it gets complicated.

Are you a pronator?

Are you over-pronating?

Or are you a supinator and oversupinating?

Do you really need that stability shoe or can you get away with a neutral shoe because you have an orthoses and

….OMG what dO ThEsE AlL MeAn??

I get it.

I really do.

Even as a healthcare and fitness professional.

Because feet are complicated.

And adding a shoe that's loaded from the toe box to the heel drop with technology that neither of us fully understand can COMPLETELY change your gait.

But the questions is…is it the shoe or is it YOU responding to the shoe?

(I know, sort of meta, but hang in there with me.)