Comparing Trail Shoes: Altra Lone Peak, Saucony Peregrine GTX 11, and Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

Trying on and testing trail running shoes is an EXPERIENCE!

As an avid runner, you know a road shoe is a road shoe.

You also know, each of them still feels VERY different from the next.

Trail shoes (I found out) are the same way.

All trails shoes are designed to do the same thing (provide you that traction, stability, and protection over rough and changing terrain/trails).

But all of them are still...VERY different.

With that intro, get ready for a roller coaster ride in this week's vlog.

Last week I spilled the tea on 3 things you might need to look for when shopping for a trail shoe AND answered some of the most common beginner trail-runner questions.

This week, I *think* I've found "the one", the one trail shoe to rule them all.

But..maybe not.

Because I forgot one very, very important thing in the Shire.

And it's a a MUST whenever I shop for running shoes.


I didn't have it.

So by now, you know.

I chose 3 ENTIRELY different trail shoes as my final contestants. And in all honesty, I had footage of how my gait completely changed depending on which shoe I was running in…but the store's ipad wasn't having it with my andriod phone and the file size was too big, etc. (I leave this issue up to the tech gods. So go blame them.)

So while I don't have footage of that, I can spill the tea on why I liked 3 ENTIRELY different shoes even though they all had different profiles. Don't worry, I do tell you which one I finally selected!

(NOTE: for context, I have very flat, but flexible feet that do not do well with a lot of arch support. You will have a completely different experience compared to mine if you have different feet!)

Altra Women's Lone Peak All Weather Low

This one fit the bill when it came to Gor-Tex coating and a natural toe box which was very roomy in the best way possible. You could literally feel the contact of the ground with your entire forefoot in the most stable, solid way. The grip of the shoe with lateral (sideways) movement, push off, or jumping was incredible. But I almost felt like I had too much room, like the front of my foot was slipping slightly, and the heel was a bit more lose than I liked.

The reason I didn't go down a size: my big toe was sitting where it needed to. If I had gone down a size, I would have been guaranteed black toe nails. I also felt very heavy in this shoe and it took a lot of effort to not land loudly and heavily on the heels.

Pros: I felt like a mountain goat who could tackle any terrain or boulder over anything.

Cons: wasn't quite the right fit for my foot

Nike Women's Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7

I loved this shoe. I was so sad I forgot my orthotics so I couldn't test it as well as I would have liked. The lugs on the bottom were massive but comfortable and didn't dig into your toes or foot. The construction of the shoe gently pushed you and encouraged you to stay on your forefoot from stride to stride so you were light, nimble, quick, and agile because you spent little time on your heels (it did a great job correcting the heavy strike I felt in the Altra). I loved the snug fit because it was reminiscent of a cross country spike, but with lugs on steroids instead of screws. No heel slippage here.

Pros: I felt unstoppable, quick, and grippy