Peregrine 11 GTX: Snowy Trail Run Review

Trail shoes are something else, running fit fam.

They are magical, adventure shoes that open up a whole new running-world of possibilities. (I'm sorry if a certain song is stuck in your head now...)

And the Women's Peregrine 11 GTX trail shoe did not disappoint.

In fact, let me *show* one of the test runs (pun not it's totally intended).

Let me take you through my suburban neighborhood streets and onto the trails to give you a mid-run breakdown of:

  • what I'm experiencing

  • how these shoes feel on different terrains including snow, cement, dirt, sand, ice...all those good things.

  • then, wrap it up with some (almost) final thoughts as I continue to put more mileage on these new shoes.

Pretty cool, right?

There's just so much new to learn with trail shoes.