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Peregrine 11 GTX: Snowy Trail Run Review

Trail shoes are something else, running fit fam.

They are magical, adventure shoes that open up a whole new running-world of possibilities. (I'm sorry if a certain song is stuck in your head now...)

And the Women's Peregrine 11 GTX trail shoe did not disappoint.

In fact, let me *show* one of the test runs (pun not it's totally intended).

Let me take you through my suburban neighborhood streets and onto the trails to give you a mid-run breakdown of:

  • what I'm experiencing

  • how these shoes feel on different terrains including snow, cement, dirt, sand, ice...all those good things.

  • then, wrap it up with some (almost) final thoughts as I continue to put more mileage on these new shoes.

Pretty cool, right?

There's just so much new to learn with trail shoes.

It's almost a completely different running experience.

On that note…

I couldn't fit *absolutely* everything I noticed and felt into one video, so here are my a play-by-play notes from my running log to help give you a clearer idea about how you adapt to trail shoes as a runner, how running on different trail surfaces changes you, and how this shoe held up to the challenge!

1st Trail Shoe Run:

Some foot cramping; definitely short runs at the beginning are a good idea to get used to a new shoe. Running in fresh pow is like running in sand on a beach.

That was a ton of hard work. Definitely heavier and "clunky-er" on pavement.

I'm pretty sure I tied my right shoe too loose because my right foot was flopping and whipping all over the place. I need to watch out for this in case it continues after tying my shoe tighter. It might mean I need a different shoe.

2nd Trail Shoe Run:

Tied my Right shoe tighter (problem foot) and greatly decreased the flopping and calcaneal eversion whip. Still noticing some foot fatigue, needing regular rest breaks when running in a couple inches of pow.

Coming home in dry feet for the win!

Getting the hang of a shorter stride during winter running. Ready to run all the way to trails next run.

3rd Trail Shoe Run:

WOOT! Didn't slid and slide all over the icey sidewalks leading in the trails! Definitely shorter stride and slower cadence needed for running trails in winter.

But didn't slip on the sandy river bank like normally: huge win!

Also, way more traction in the marshy areas, too and dry feet.

Running to the trail, through, and out of the trail meant longer run = tired feet. My forefeet have to work a lot more compared my regular road shoes: conforming to surfaces in addition to the greater heel drop with this shoe.

Stay the course and gradually build up time in these to avoid Achilles issues!

Fast Forward….

6th Trail Shoe Run:

I'm basically unstoppable in these things.


The snow that's frozen in weird shapes almost taking out my R ankle today did slow me down. The lower heel drop creates a unique reaction recovering from a potential inversion ankle sprain.

Can't decide if it's easier or harder -but it's different compared to road shoes. But overall, able to run 40+ mins now without foot cramping, but foot fatigue definitely still present, but improving.

Mild Achilles insertion pain, 4/10, for 2 mins max which resolved with short walk break to reset, shorter stride, lower cadence.

Don't rush this! Notable improvements with increased time, awareness to gait/form, and taking it slow!

And with that...

Thank you so much running fit fam for coming along with me on this trail shoe running adventure and for the extra encouragement along the way. I truly hope my ramblings and insights from a physical therapy perspective have made you think a little, hopefully laugh a little, and maybe even made you say,"hey, me too! I've felt that exact same thing!"

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And if you've enjoyed any of these in any way, shape, or form and want to keep the good stuff coming, consider dropping something into the Good Karma Tip Jar, guaranteed* to give you a runner's high on your next run, click HERE!

(ok, I can't guarantee that, but I can promise amazing, continued content with your continued support...)

Until next time running fit fam, you know what to do...

Run strong and Dare to Train Differently.

Dr. Marie Whitt //

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