Open Letter to Injured Runners: 7 ways to Stay Motivated During Injury Rehab

Hey there, Runner,

Let's not sugar coat this.

Let's be real.

Being injured sucks. (you might even feel more…colorful…about this; and I would agree with you.)

Because not only is the physical pain nagging, maybe even unbearable , but there's a whole mental side that probably blind-sided you.

You might not have seen this coming:

  • the frustration, confusion,

  • the rationalization that you've tried all the things, done all the cross training, strength training

  • leaving you thinking "why is this happening to me?"

You might even feel betrayed by your body, wondering, "I'm not sure any of that stuff actually helps."

Maybe you've gone down the webMD rabbit hole, too: googling, reading, searching, trying to figure out what's wrong; "I think it's this one thing…but now my body's changed it up."

Maybe you're stuck between:

  • "The pain is weird and vague and it moves around…"


  • "It's always in this one spot and it doesn't go away…"

Who knew this injury thing was going to be full of mental gymnastics, right?

What if I told you this was actually an OPPORTUNITY?

A time for you to get stronger.

A chance for you to become your best runner-self yet.

The comeback you didn't know you needed.

Would you believe me?
Do you want to try?
Explore it?
Try it on for size?
What do you have to lose?

You have everything to gain.

Let's check this out together: 7 ways to keep you motivated and positive during your running injury rehab. Let's make this your come-back story.

Give it your all. Commit.

This is the first thing I'd tell you as my runner-patient in the clinic (and as one of my Instagram runners starting one of my coaching programs or workshops)...

Give me all you've got, ok?

You're a runner, remember?

Which means you ARE strong; you ARE resilient; you ARE a fighter!

The race isn't over with an injury. Exactly the opposite.

The starting gun has only just gone off. The race is NOW, getting you back on the road, on the track, on the trail.

Bring your passion for running, your determination, your sheer perseverance.

Leave nothing left in the tank.

Commit to your running rehab exercises.