How Do I Run Injury Free? The 4 pillars of Running: Mobility, Strength, Speed, Movement

If you haven't googled this question, are you even a runner?

I'm kidding, I'm kidding!...

Kind of.

Us runners, we talk a big game.

"I ran an easy 10miler this morning.. I feel so alive now!"

"Yea, I have my fall marathon coming up in a few weeks. I'm feeling a BQ with this one."

"Hey! I just set a new 5k PR!"

These snippets of our running-lives are amazing; they should be celebrated and shouted from the rooftops!

But we need to remember, these are only the highlight reels of our running journey. And if we're not careful, these highlighted moments will become all too few and far between if we don't take the time to take care of the body that does so much for us.

That's where understanding of the 4 supporting pillars of running comes in. We NEED to know how Mobility, Strength, Speed, and Movement play an integral role in our running routine. And, how they rely on and work with each other. Together, they are the cornerstones of injury prevention!

Don't believe me yet?

Let's dive in.