Choosing Your 2022 Race Goals: What You NEED to Know

It’s a new year with new possibilities!

And with spring marathons possibly teasing you and fall races definitely tempting you… there's a couple reminders you might need to hear

I know, I know. This isn't your first rodeo.

You've heard it all before.

You've read all the race plans and training articles.

But, as one runner to another (and especially as your physical therapist on speed dial) allow me to be the maybe-annoying but correct voice-of-reason reminding you of some very basic, but oh-so-important facts.

Ready to get your goals into gear? Let's dive in.

Fact #1: New distances take time. So build that base.

The longer you've been running, the more you know from personal experience how important a good aerobic and mileage base is.

A couple things a good base does:

  • allows you the train harder with decreased injury

  • will increase your speed/pace over time

  • allows you to make a faster compact heaven-forbid you get injured

Yup, building a solid base is also preventative. (Being a PT, I'm all about that.)