Why Does Speed Training Keep Runners Injury Free?

Speed training can keep me injury free?

Isn't training speed what can cause my injuries?

And don't I just...you know,…run fast to get faster?




Kinda sorta.

I know, such professional, doctoral answers. ;)

But these are the questions that so many runners have. These are questions I HAD when I first started running! And I wish I had known the answers and what I know now.

What I know now is this:

Speed is more than running fast. Speed is your body and mind syncing together to allow you to move quickly to create power to generate velocity to be fast.



(ok, yes. Yes, it is wordy). But that statement also conveys the science and the layers there are to speed. Some runners are just born to be fast. But why are they fast? What is it they naturally have and how can we train to be more like that?

That's where today's blog post comes in.