Your 2022 Running Holiday Gift Guide

Hey Runner, you ready to make gift giving SO incredibly easy (and affordable) this year?

Because who doesn't like taking a peak at a RUNNING gift guide to see what goodies they should *maybe* treat themselves to, too?

(You're secret is safe with me.)

I'm excited to share with you my 2nd Running Holiday Gift Guide filled with my ride-or-die favorites that I simply can't run (or live) without.
Legal Disclaimer Time: for products with codes or affiliate links, I may earn a small commission. But please know, I am incredibly picky about the products I share with you. For me to promote something, it needs to enrich your life and improve your running. Just like an exercise I give a patient, there has to be solid clinical reasoning behind the exercise prescription and this follows through into my product suggestions.

With that serious stuff out of the way, grab your beverage of choice (and maybe your wallet) and let's get started!

Recovery Tools That ACTUALLY Work

Dreams and Dandelions


Being a PT, I've tried a lot of topical muscle rubs.

  • Biofreeze: it's alright; it's menthol based which means it feels really cooling on the applied area, but it doesn't deliver anything deeper into the skin or your muscles

  • Tiger Balm: similar story + cayenne pepper extract meant to help with pain relief

  • Blue Emu: more for pain rather than muscle soreness from running, so it's not really going to help with DOMS

But this Warming Muscle Rub! I've sworn by this stuff for YEARS.

Natural oil carriers:

  • olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax

Active ingredients:

  • cayenne pepper extract = warming sensation + pain reliever

  • Clove bud oil = slight numbing affect for decreased soreness

  • Arnica = an anti-inflammatory which decreases the sensation of muscle soreness and needed muscle recovery time (it's also really good at helping bruises heel faster)

  • Pro tip: Great stocking stuffer!

And that's just scratching the surface.

I love it. Get it.

Your sore running buddy will thank you (and smell better too after their long run)

Lip Balms

Did I mention these are amazing too?

These are a must for winter/cold weather or dry climate runs!

(Arizona and other desert places-I'm looking at you!)

  • I always stash mine in my vest pocket before I head out the door to make sure my lips aren't bleeding by the time I come back (because no one likes wind burnt and chapped lips. )

  • All natural ingredients and extremely nourishing.

  • Non-scented/flavored option available.

  • Pro tip: Great stocking stuffer!

NOTE: Carli, the owner of Dandelions and Dreams, only ships in the US. Sorry, international runners. maybe you can do a gift exchange with a US running buddy? ;)