Your 2021 Running Holiday Gift Guide

The typical conversation you have with that special runner in your life:

"What do you want for Christmas?"

"Oh I don't know, some running stuff,.."

"What kind of running stuff?"

At this point it goes one of two ways.

Either: "Maybe the newest model of X running shoes would be nice or these new headphones..."

Or: "Uuuuuh....I don't know. Running...stuff..."

I'll admit it...I'm definitely the second option.

You ask me what I want: no freaking idea.

You ask me about the best running sock for you during the winter months in Minnesota...omg, I have a billion different recommendations based on what material you like, the types of seams you prefer, what you're looking for, etc..

(Yup, you're going to directly benefit from that down below. Someone needs to set up a sock intervention for me...)

I'm also a runner on a budget.

This results in me spending a crazy amount of time researching, reading reviews, and comparing different products, because I want something that WORKS!

So putting together this 2021 Runner's Holiday Gift Guide, you're getting the best of my search results. You're getting products I've already purchased AND re-purchased, or am actively planning on buying myself. Because I know the reputations of these companies and I've put their products to the test.