Why Runners Need Off-Seasons & Maintenance Seasons…and no, they're not the same thing.

By now, in the middle of December you might be wrapping up your recovery time from your late fall marathons. Your legs are recovered; you're feeling nice and fresh; you're itching to get moving again!

Perfect time to hop back into training mode right? Eh, Maybe not.

Like everything, it depends.

Some runners are continuing their off season.

Others are embracing maintenance season.

Others are just…running. And trying to brave the cold (if you know, you know).

Are any of those scenarios technically "wrong"?

Not really.

But your body will sure let you know.




A feeling of bone-dead exhaustion and lead legs.

Yup, your body is pretty smart, and sometimes, it doesn't care what the science says. It just needs to rest!

If you're thoroughly confused and don't know what to do this post-race running season, allow me to introduce to you 2 options.

Off season.


Maintenance season.

I often hear these used interchangeably (and maybe they are for some runners), but in my head, as a runner and rehab specialist, <