Run Longer and Ditch Low Back Pain & Stiffness? Deadlift!

Don't let this be you, runner:

"I don't really know what these strength exercises are supposed to do.

I just know this coach on the internet suggested them.

They're supposed to fix these issues I have...but I don't feel a difference."

At this point, you might be feeling frustrated.


Maybe even feel a salty at being lied to because you're putting in the work with no rewards to show for it.

You're low back gets stiff on long runs.

Your knee is aching after a tempo run.

And your hips flexors won't let up no matter how much you stretch after a couple days in a row.

What else can you be expected to do?

Don't give up yet!

And here's why.

You're so close.

You're a dedicated runner who knows they need recovery, strength work, mobility exercises, cross training, etc/

Which probably already have the tools you need to fix the issue.
You just need a guiding hand to point you in the right direction.