"Your Running Form Called. Injury Is Coming Over." The Consequence of Poor Form.

Let's face it: some aches and pains are normal for runners.

Yep, makes us kind of strange.

But we embrace it.

Sometimes a little too well.

Sometimes those aches and pains are trying to tell us something.

Like, "hey! You missed your strength training for the past 2 weeks…"

Or, "Hmm…pretty sure your body isn't supposed to ache there. How's your running form?"

Believe it not, those two things, running form and strength, can be related.

But not always.

Is your running form suffering because of poor strength?

Or is your running form suffering because you just need some gentle cueing?

The same goes for those aches and pains.

Are you achey because of poor running form?

Or are you achey because of a weakness that's affecting your running form?

It can get a little confusing…

But what if you used this guide as a place to start thinking differently about your form?

What if after reading this you had a better understanding of signs of poor running form, why this happens, and how all of these can lead to injury?