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Lesson from 2020 :: Becoming my own Wonder Woman

I discovered physical therapy as an injured high school track athlete. Fast forwarding to 2018 I graduated from the University of Michigan with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Along the way, I found a passion for medical mission trips to Honduras in addition to rekindling my love for sports and athletics. But in between those shining life accomplishments were: Anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns Abusive relationships Diagnosis of chronic illnesses (yes, plural; and the ones you can’t see.) And a physical therapist mentor who unjustly threatened to fail me out of clinicals (the equivalent of internships) multiple times. Determined despite the bumps in the road and feeling invincible after graduation, I quickly found a job in an outpatient clinic where I treated athletes in addition to cute grandmas and grandpas. I was living the good “new-grad” life: making the money and paying off student debt, learning new things every day and growing as a healthcare provider, and embarking on my second medical mission to Honduras. Until it all came to a screeching halt.... Employers turned verbally and emotionally abusive on a nearly-daily basis. I lost my job without notice (hello Covid and year 2020). I found myself a year out from graduation with a doctorate and on unemployment with student debt. All in addition to a healthy serving of imposter syndrome. I could have quit at any point. I considered stepping away occasionally, wondering if maybe that was the best choice for my mental and physical health. Nothing made sense and the future didn’t promise much hope.

But I had decided years ago that I was a survivor. I refused to play victim. Every day I would get up and keep hustling, even when I knew I was walking into a hostile environment. What I didn’t know, that what I called being a survivor was really me making the decision to be my own Wonder Woman. To be my own advocate. To be my own ally. To be the heroine in my own life.

So I trudged on. I brainstormed, drafted, and took a leap of faith during quarantine to start a journey I never saw myself on, a digital one.

I started my Instagram page and small fitness business based on my passion as a physical therapist and my deep conviction that exercise and physical fitness should be accessible to ALL people, regardless of education, economic or social status, etc. As a physical therapist, health and fitness IS my practice! It’s my job to walk with YOU through your fitness journey, whether it’s the beginning or a detour because of injury. My job is to help you channel your inner Wonder Woman.


I’m armed to the teeth with exercise knowledge and tools. I want to give these tools to YOU! Ways I’ve been doing this is through answering fitness or injury questions on Instagram and posting free workouts on my Instagram page tailored to specific types of athletes. I’ve also created a free 14 day at-home fitness challenge for athletes, because everyone does better with a road map. And a 6 week program is in the works! Because I know your inner Wonder Woman is already there. And if I can help her soar, I’ll lend her my wings.

My story does have a happy ending (or happy beginning of its next chapter?). I got married in June of 2020, enjoyed much needed time off to patch myself together physically and mentally after the rough environment of my previous job, and recently took a new position at my dream job, a sports rehab and performance clinic I interned at as a student.

Every step forward has been a fight, but a worthwhile one. Every challenge has taught me more about myself and my commitment to my profession and my patients. My inner Wonder Woman has learned that growth never stops. Every obstacle IS a learning opportunity if you choose and the challenge of exercise is just another way to prove to ourselves daily how truly amazing and strong we are.

Your inner Wonder Woman is looking for a challenge.

Are you ready?

Because I have a road map for you…

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