How Runners Fix Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

Let's start this blog post a little differently, running fit fam.

Don't worry, we'll get into the specifics and (limited) evidence behind treating posterior tib issues, but I wanted to start today with saying:

You're not alone.

Struggling with posterior tibialis issues (in general) is a royal pain in the booty.

And it can feel debilitating.

And frustrating.

And stupid, but painful and you can't ignore that there's something wrong.

And then add to that, kinda hopeless because you google exercises but everything's the same blah boring ones that you've already tried before

…or maybe…even the same blah boring ones you've done in physical therapy before?

*skr skrr!*

Let me stop you right there, just for 1 second.

  • Is your pain greater than a 4/10 for 2 weeks? Non-negotiable: go get that checked out by a sports doc, PT, etc. Go get the care you deserve.

  • Is your pain a lingering, nagging, annoying voice that's a stubborn 3/10 at the most, but enough to start messing with your training plan? If yes, then please proceed.

Because you're not alone.

Have you made

this mistake before?

Not to mention,

  • you've tried the towel scrunches

  • done the different barefoot pick-up exercises

  • and felt like they weren't doing anything to help your post tib issue?

What if I told you someone's been in your exact shoes?