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Stronger Runner: 14 Day Strength Challenge

  • 14Days
  • 25Steps
Everyone who has completed all steps in the program will get a badge.


Stronger Runner: 14 Day Strength Challenge is for the runner who wants a running specific strength program done and ready for them! AND....its 100% FREE. Perfect for the runner who is: new to strength training or unsure where to start wants to learning how and when to lift looking for running-specific strength exercises so they can run better, stronger, and injury-free. You're ready for this challenge if you: have 5-10lbs weights workout at home or in the gym are ready to lift 2-3x a week are ready for 20-30min workouts This challenge *might not* be for you if: you're determined to NOT like strength training and would rather ONLY stretch you don't want to try new and very runner-looking strength exercises and movements you're a general grumpy-gus (although you might feel better after a workout sooooo...) Ready to jump in and see what you're amazing body is capable of? LETS GO! (and yes, really. This is ENTIRELY FREE!) VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: a set running plan is NOT written within this STRENGTH PROGRAM! I've written suggestions on how to keep your hard days hard, but your running is your own.

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Get ready to Dare to Train Differently, leaving you a better, stronger, more confident, and empowered runner.

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