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Stronger Glutes

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"My hip flexors feel locked down and tight, no matter how much I stretch!" "I've been told so many times I have weak glutes. What do I do?" "I can't feel my glutes turn on when I run; how do I know they're working?" The solution you're looking for: Stronger Glutes This self-paced workshop experience isn't your typical "8 week program" that promises results only after MONTHS of commitment. How about INSTANT results in 1 hour? Because what you've been google-questing for has been "the knowledge to assess my weaknesses and the appropriate exercises/workouts to address those deficits." It's time you had the tools to cut through the information overload and hip-flexor overwhelm. Because not all hip stretches or glute exercises are created equal…or specific to runners! The results YOU WANT: the knowledge to understand your body AND the running specific exercises and tools to fix -Tight achey hip joints -Cranky, unrelenting hip flexors -Sleep, lazy "runner" glutes that won't turn on -Even how to fix and prevent runner's knee.  The OUTCOME you're looking for: -unlocked hips that don't seize up after a long run -strong but NOT tight hip flexors to power you through your speed session -And sky-rocketed confidence that you're becoming a better runner because you know how to take care of your hips With this workshop, you'll TEST for: hip mobility OR strength issues And learn corrective & strength exercises to lock in your progress

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Get ready to Dare to Train Differently, leaving you a better, stronger, more confident, and empowered runner.

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