Still NOT Shin Splints: Posterior Tibialis Tendon Dysfunction

It can start as nagging, aching almost in your heel, but not quite.

Sometimes lingering in towards the inside of your calf, but not really.

Or other times it starts to pinge and twinge and loop underneath your inside ankle bone and then starts up the aching again around your inner ach.

This last part: you're freaking sure of!

And you're sooooo over it.

But you still have no answers, no clue, and no idea where to start with this changing-pain-game you're just not winning.

Until now.

Running fit fam, meet your posterior tibialis.

He's the forgotten second cousin to anterior tibialis who gets waaaay more attention because he's the blame for everyone's favorite, shin splints.

Party in the front: anterior tib with MTSS