Why Rainy Runs Will Always be My Favorite

I know I must look crazy to my neighbors, especially with a lot of them still working from home. There they are, in their cozy home offices in front of their monitors, gazing out of rain splattered window panes.

I'm an odd streaking site, in my grey running rain jacket that goes about to my knees with my hood pulled up snug against my favorite running hat. All you see are two little legs attached to neon shoes and maybe a little face peeping out. And it doesn't help that I'm not very tall...5' 3" on a good day.

"Who is that child running around in a thunderstorm?"

Yup. That's a doctor. Just running around in the rain, heading into the woods, where the trails are quickly becoming mud puddles.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

There's something about daring to be different, maybe even a little crazy. And then preparing for it like an adventure. And the woods are full of them. From toads that hop out onto the trails, to the geese honking at trespassers, to the stray turkey or deer crossing the path. The woody trails are alive during the rain.

My favorite part is probably the sound track. The steady pitter patter of the rain hitting the leaves and trunks of the trees, compounded by the increased rushing of the streams into the ponds and lakes. I accompany the symphony, but not very beautifully-all I have to add is a splish of my increasingly-water-logged shoes which is slowly but surely becoming "squish" rather than "splash". Regardless of my unstealthily lumbering around, everything is so still and quiet but still very much alive.