Running & Anxiety: Self treatment is a thing.

Heart pounding.

Lunges gasping.

Tunnel vision closing in.

Legs pumping but not going anywhere....

Am I describing an anxiety attack...or just a really long run?

The similarities are little uncanny, you gotta admit. And that's what makes running such an effective treatment tool for anxiety.

I would know. Because I've got some mean anxiety.

And I've used running to help self-treat it for the longest time...and I didn't even know it.

Research studies starting popping up in the early 2000's officially touting the benefits of high intensity exercise as beneficial for those individuals diagnosed and suffering from anxiety. YEA! on one hand because science is supporting movement as medicine!

DUH! on the other because it's taken THIS LONG to formally support what physical therapists and other healthcare and exercise professionals have been saying for a long time.

Get moving. Go outside and spend time in nature. Be present. Breathe.

But...better late than never, right?

But the science has gotten more interesting as world events have also gotten more interesting in the past year. #thanks2020 A randomized control trial performed in Spain, started January 30, 2020 assessed participant's "depression, anxiety, stress, and resilience...before and after the intervention". The intervention was exercise.