My Running Story Cont'd: Most Embarrassing Race.

That's got be one of the great things about being a runner, being a part of the runner community, etc.

We can be REALLY embarrassing.

And we can laugh at ourselves, and our fellow runner along the way... ;)

So laugh with me, fit fam.

Have you ever run so hard, so fast, that you lose control of bodily functions? That was this race. And it was hot that day! And that first meet of the season continues to ALWAYS be the hottest day of the year. (there's this other meet where it ALWAYS rains...but that's a different story for another blog...)

To say I was a little nervous for my FIRST high school cross country meet ever, would be an understatement. I learned that day that I do better being in one of the first heats rather than having to sit and wait...and wait...and wait.

But wait I did.

And nerves built up...and up...and up.

And so did the heat. oh my goodness.

And while all these other schools had nice tents or awnings, we had a blue tarp. The kind you use for camping or covering something in the truck. Hot sun meet hot plastic.

My heat finally comes and we cram into our box and no one explained....BAM!


Who? When???

Everyone starts stampeding out of the box and racing down the course and I just get swept away awkwardly because I did NOT understand the starting procedure of

  1. line up in the box