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It's the most, Run-derful time, of the year!

Too much?


But let's have an honest conversation, running fit fam.

Does running and the peak of holiday season stress you out?

Are you starting to feel the overwhelm of trying to do "all the holiday things" and get a solid run in?


Do you feel guilty for "sneaking away" to run but equally feel antsy when you don't run and can't show up at your best?

This could just be me…

Or…this could sound an awful like the thoughts in your own head.

So let's change the channel.

Tune in to a different frequency.

And pause.

Deep breathe in.

Deep, slow breath out.

Let this week be different.

Even if you had guilty or self sabotage-y thoughts earlier, tell them to go take a hike. Take this as your official permission slip to allow your running (or NOT running) to be your one "selfish" act this Christmas week.

To either run


Not to run.

Yup, it can go two different ways.

And I want you to feel you have the freedom to do either of them.

You don't have the muscle through the ice and the snow and eggnog to grind out your 15miler.

You also don't have to stay trapped on the couch for days either.

Let this holiday season be different. The global pandemic which-shall-not-be-named has done a number on our personal health and the health of our families and relationships. And for a lot of people, this might be the first time in a long time they're finally able to gather together in some way, shape, or form.

So be at your best.

For your family and friends.

For yourself.

Let this holiday season be genuinely filled with joy, peace, and love.

Um, ok, Dr. Whitt. How am I supposed to "make this holiday season different" and "show up as my best"?


Your decision to make it so.

Remember that 2 way permission slip? To run or not to run (that is the question…)

(no? too much eggnog? You're right…sorry)

First step: A Little Self-Introspection.

You know yourself best and it starts with honest answers.

In order to experience a holiday season of joy, peace, and love, ask yourself:

What do you want to get out of this week?

What do you need in order to show up as your best and achieve that?

What do YOU need, as a runner?

If you haven't take the time to EVER ask yourself these questions, you might be surprised at your own answers. So please, I highly encourage you to actually answer the questions!


Let's move on.

Second step: Make the Plan

Maybe you want to prioritize family or parties or anything else this week rather than running! (Yes, this is ok to do!)

How do you achieve that?

You know best.

It might mean you need reschedule your runs or cut out running altogether.

And that's ok.


Because you're fitness levels are not going to magically disappear from one week of rest or light activity.

You will be ok.


Maybe you want to prioritize your health, both mentally and physically so that you CAN show up as your best.

How do you achieve that?

Maybe running. Maybe a different workout.

These don't have to be long runs or hard workouts.

They could be as simple as a quick 25-30 minutes out and back.


Because whatever the workout, that little half hour is you filling your cup, putting some "me-time" in the bank. Because you can't pour from an empty cup.

So don't afraid to commit to that "not actually selfish act" of a little run or workout because it pays dividends. You'll feel energized and able to be present with the people you love.

My wish for you running fit fam, is that you give yourself the space and grace you need this season so you can experience it with joy, peace, and love.

And that can start with the simple questions above which will help give you the permission you need to either rest OR get your daily movement in.

The point is: Running adds to our life.

It's not a do-or-die obligation.

Running is a tool.

It helps you stay healthy and whole physically, mentally, emotionally,…the list goes on.

Let running add to the joy of this week. Don't make it a point of stress.

Because like always, the Run is always waiting.


It's not going anywhere.

Enjoy this week, running fit fam, and dare yourself to train differently.

Run strong.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,

Marie Whitt //

P.S. No new blog coming out Monday, December 27. But don't you worry-there's plenty of new and exciting things coming in January 2022!

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