Identity Crisis: What Makes a "Real" Runner

Who else has struggled with this?

I know it can't just be me....

The mental chaos that comes with identifying as "real" runner, is real.

It feels MOMUMENTAL but kinda dumb and insecure at the same time. How do these two opposite paradigms exist in our brains at the same time?

Or maybe it is just mine...anxiety does weird stuff, man.

(Yup, just a little personal side note thrown into a blog. I've got some mean anxiety. And I've used running to help self-treat it for the longest time...but that's another blog for another day).

But being a "real" runner.

When do you start calling yourself a runner? Verses a jogger? Versus "someone who just does cardio"?

I tend to be an all-or-nothing person, so when I can see that I'm NOT running marathons and crushing 4min miles, which are *obviously* the ideal standards of a "real runner", it's easy to see how you can get bogged down.

But these standards are horse hockey. Bull cookies. Malarkey.

What I'm trying to say is I want to save you the hassle of the mental gymnastics determining if you count, if you're real enough, if you're good enough...

The short answer: if you're going fast enough where both feet leave the ground and you enter this really cool part of running called the "flight phase", and then essentially experience a controlled fall back to earth on a single leg, and then continue this crazy pattern!!...