How to NOT Hate Running in the Heat 2022

Summer running feels almost magical after frigid, multi-layer, dark, snowy wintry runs….right up until that first HOT one.

Not the mid 70;s F.
Or even the high 70's F with a slight breeze.
That first 80+ F degree. With a touch of humidity.

It turns:

"I'm off the treadmill AT LAST! "


"Oh dear lord, you can't make me run outside."

That's just the beginning of the running-in-the-heat roller coaster, isn't it?

You know summer running is here when you start feeling:

  • Exhausted after your workouts, not just tired.

  • Frustrated at not hitting your pace

  • Slow as molasses; does speed work even count right now?

  • And every run is a hard run.

Rule #1: These are signs that shouldn't be ignored.

Knock, knock.! Your body is trying to talk to you!

It's not necessarily saying "don't run", but rather, "hey, things have changed."

It's saying, you have to adapt your battle plan.

Here's how we do that.