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Free Strength Program for RUNNERS: NEVER Get Injured Again!

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Let's make this short and sweet, running fit fam.

Things you know you need to be a STRONG RUNNER:

  • strength training

  • prehab

  • mobility exercises

  • a good warm up

Things that get in the way of actually doing these:

  • never enough time

  • exhausted from your long run or hard workouts this week

  • not knowing where to start, what to do, for how long...

  • maybe a little too scared yet to set foot in the gym (so you stick to your body weight circuit at home that becomes a snooze fest on your yoga mat)

Are we speaking the same language?

I've 100% been there,
I've lived that life.
and as a result...I got injured (a lot...oops).

I even had held a grudge against lunges for YEARS.

(if you're on my email list, then you know the story ;) )

The repercussion of that irrational decision: a repeat occurrence of runner's knee in various forms and intensities.

What FINALLY convinced me to "fix myself" and do the damn lunges?

I committed to a strength program.

(one that I did NOT write myself).

What I found when I wrote my own programs is I would somehow weasel my way out of them completing them in their entirety, despite KNOWING that they were good, solid circuits because they were similar to the ones I'd give my running-patients

…and they were taking off running into the sunset in 3-4 weeks!

So incase YOU'VE been trying to MacGyver your own prehab or strength plan from random exercises on the internet (youtube, IG, runner's world)...

I want you to STOP.

Because I want to give you a gift.

Whether you're new here or an OG member of the running fit fam, you might have noticed the past couple week's have been focusing on various circuits.

That's by design.

I've created one, entire, FREE program for you.

And it's hanging out in this YouTube Playlist.

Each circuit is:

  • simple, but challenging

  • effective with only a set of medium-heavy weights

  • specific to runners

  • beginner friendly

  • and each circuit should only take you 20mins max (or in some cases waaay less).

For my runners out there looking for where to start and HOW to start: this is FOR YOU!

For my running coaches working with busy parents who are trying to take care of themselves and run the house, the office,...the world

...please feel free to use these circuits with your runners.

When we Dare to Train Differently together as a running fit fam, amazing things happen.

And I cant' wait to hear about yours!

Dare to Train Differently,

Marie Whitt, PT, DPT //

P.S. Want to be in-the-know, get all the behind-the-scenes goodies, and an extra dose of strength running goodness? You can get some weekly run-mail HERE!

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