Find Your Running Style: Are You a Pusher, a Hopper, or Do You Run like a Stick?

Updated: Apr 14

(Oh, and how your cadence and stride length basically determine all of this...)

Have you ever struggled to describe how your form felt off on a run?

Or what even felt off about it?

Or have you ever noticed how you and your running partner can have the exact same stride length and cadence, but still look totally different?

Or have you tried adjusting your form to run like somebody else and then realized just how weird and unnatural it felt?

You're definitely not the only one.

Despite all the research out there, runners are still confused and still struggling to describe what exactly is going on with their running form.

The solution may be here. The question is…

Are we ready to change?

Are we ready to look at running differently?

Are we ready to learn a new way of talking and describing running, even if it is based on the research?