Don't Garmin-Yourself-to-Death: Why Your Watch Can't Fix Your Running Form

Updated: Apr 14

Just to clarify I'm NOT attacking Garmin or any other running-watch manufacturer.

So please, don't come for me.

(I secretly really want a GPS running watch. I just haven't sprung for the high ticket item yet)

Running data is a wonderful thing.

It can improve our training.

Give us valuable feedback on what to change.

But it's entirely possible to get stuck in the trenches.

So much so, that we tend to strava and/or garmin-ourselves-to-death.

We dissect the running data.

We name the different parts of the gait cycle.

Start to over-analyze specific angles.

Obsess over different time intervals.

We can get ourselves into trouble with all these.

Especially when we look at one data point in isolation. That's when trouble starts. We try to change one aspect of our running without consideration for the other parts that all feed into or rely on that aspect…

We get lost in the weeds. And then, we get overwhelmed.