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The Beginner's Running Bible

The Beginner's Running Bible

6 Week Couch to 5k Program

It's free! (what do you have to lose?)


I made this program for YOU!

  • the newbie runner who wants to tackle their first big race goal
  • inconsistent runner who needs structure to stick to it
  • the just-returning-from-a-long-time-off-injury runner who needs a gentle return to running
  • the runner who feels injury prone and doesn't know where or how to start

I've got your next 6 weeks planned out for you:

  • running workouts 
  • beginner's cross training mobility and strength workouts
  • ...and rest days !


You never knew running could be so easy and stress free. I promise, you just might find yourself enjoying the run. 


What's included: 

  • 6 weeks of running and cross training workouts to prepare you to race your first (or 5th, or 8th) 5k with more confidence than you thought possible
  • reference videos for cross training workouts at my profile to help you along the way
  • direct access to me via instagram to answer your running questions
  • resource material on each type of running workout and WHY it's planned the way it is (after all, this is the runner's bible). 


Looking for more?

  • Still feeling unsure or maybe unmotivated on how to start or if there's a good time to start?
  • Do you do better with accountability?
  • Do you do better with consistent motivation and knowing you have someone in your corner who can answer all your questions?
  • Maybe having someone to help problem solve issues like
    • fitting in workouts in a busy schedule
    • adapting cross training workouts around an old injury
    •  maybe doubting your own success??


I understand you, fit fam. That's why I have a coaching package specially designed to compliment your Beginner's Running Bible! I walk with you every step of the way, help plan for your success, problem solve with you when obstacles come up, and hold you accountable to your own success! So what are you waiting for? Let's get to work, fit fam! 


Want to know if this is the right coaching program for you? Email me at or Instagram DM me and we'll schedule a FREE 15min coaching call! 


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For more resources, injury prevention tips, cross training workouts and crazy runner humour, be sure to follow me on intsagram 

So excited to have you as part of the fit fam!

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