The Doctor Will See You Now // Re-introducing was started on a whim.

Almost by accident.

It was one of those covid repercussions and consequences of quarantine and spare time.

I happily "blame" it's existance on a co-worker. (I'm looking at you, @rachelcorden!)

But with time, purpose, and pivoting, it's grown into something more than just a whim.

It's become vibrant. A community.

All thanks to YOU, running fit fam.

Can I take you back to where it all started?

The origin story goes something like this…

I was still at my very first big-girl physical therapy job. I just finished my note on the last patient of the day and was returning a phone call. Like so many of us in early spring 2020, I heard those words I never, ever expected.

"I'm sorry, but we have to furlough you. Do not show up to work on Monday…."

I stood there shocked and in free fall. In my gut, I knew I would never be showing back up to work. So in tears, I drove home late that evening, grief stricken that I lost my job, angry that I had to leave my patients without even a goodbye, and completely uncertain as to what I was going to do next. This was NOT how I saw my physical therapy career going.