Hey Runner, Is Foam Rolling Your ITB Worth It?

Pop Quiz:

Question #1:

What's the best way to recover from a run?

  • A. Rest day or some variation of plain old time to recovery

  • B. Sleep

  • C. Foam rolling

  • D. Good nutrition/re-fueling

  • E. A combination of rest, sleep, and good nutrition

Ok, ok I kinda gave away the answer there. In my opinion, the answer is "E."

Question #2:

What combination of the above answers do you ACTUALLY do on a daily/weekly basis to assist your own recovery?


Foam rolling is the easy answer, isn't it? Because you can roll around on that pillar of styrofoam or rub weird mobility contraptions on your legs for 10 mins and say "ok! I'm all recovered!"


Well, I've done that before.

All of this isn't to say foam rolling is "bad" or "useless". It's not a waste of time, especially if YOUR body responds well to it. Mine responds so-so; it doesn't always do a whole lot for me.

I still prescribe in the clinic, but I better see immediate results in my runner-patient to justify it. Because I don't want to waste your precious time telling you to roll around on this thing and for you not get any benefit out of it.

With me so far?