Am I Doing This Right? Explaining What Good Running Form Is.

Don't you love those candid race photos of yourself?

Oooh yea.. You know the ones!

Somehow, there's always a photographer taking pictures near the last 3rd of the race.

Never at the beginning where you know,…you look good!

So what happens in-between the start and that final stretch?

How come you're never quite in love with those race photos?

Is it the sweat rolling off you as you slug through those final miles?

Is it your race face as you grit your way to the finish line?

Is it that you look (and feel) like an uncoordinated mess of arms and legs and you're confused looking at pictures thinking,

..."How did no one tell me I run like that??"

Running form.

It almost feels counterintuitive to spend so much time thinking about it, perfecting it, drilling it.