Dare to Train Differently.


This space is for the early birds waking up at 5am.

For the night owls grinding out the long run into the twilight hours.

For the runners just falling in love with the sport.

For the tried-and-true road vets who have pounded the pavement for years. 

This community is for you. 

Because here, we are runners. 


Your pace doesn't matter; but your 100% effort does. 

Your mileage doesn't define you; but your grit does. 

At your core, you give your all to the run.

And that makes you a runner.


You belong here. 



Welcome to the Running Fit Fam

Things are a little different here...

Ok, let's be honest. Runners a lot different.

But that's ok.

Because you've found the Running Fit Fam.

Hi, I’m Dr. Marie Whitt and I'm a runner and a physical therapist.


My professional passion is to challenge YOU. Dare you to train differently.


My purpose is to help runners stay injury free by training mobility, strength, speed, & movement. 


How is any of that different from everything else you can find on the wild, wild web?

I have a unique running philosophy. It's rooted in my practice as a physical therapist and based in the natural movement patterns our bodies use. From my clinical practice as a movement expert, I've zeroed in on 4 pillars that are mandatory for any strong runner:






What you'll find here are resources explaining what these are, how they impact your running, why you need them, and how to train them. 


I'm with you as your guide every step of the way as you transform your running from winging it and hoping you won't get injured to becoming a confident, strong runner who has the tools to gauge where your body is at and knowing exactly what your body needs and when it needs it.